Braida Copetti”, was inaugurated in the summer of 2018 in the hamlet of Leproso in the town of Premariacco (UD), it is the result of a ten-year long effort of planning and collecting works of art. It extends on the grounds of 15.000 square meters that were meant to be farmland but were left abandoned for decades. Following the suggestions of the landscape architect Massimo Asquini, all the traditional and typical elements of the “braida” were preserved (the orchard, the vineyard, the “roccolo” (bird snare), the hornbeam wood fences, the row of mulberry trees) have been reclaimed and revisited in a modern key. The plants have been arranged in such a way that a natural frame is achieved where the sculptures of important artists of the XX century and contemporaries have subsequently found an inspiring array.

The Copetti Family then filled the space with works of large dimensions, of a wide variety of artists and materials (bronze, marble, cement, steel). Of the twenty-two works that were exhibited in the park on the occasion of the inauguration, some are of local artists of the 900’s (Mirko Basaldella, Marcello Mascherini, Luciano Ceschia), others of contemporary artists coming from the same area (Nane Zavagno, Angelo Brugnera, Gianpietro Carlesso), while others seal the signature of great Italian and international names like Giacomo Manzù, Sandro Cherchi, Dušan Džamonja, Novello Finotti.

The works have been positioned according to the taste and the sensibility of the Copetti Family to highlight the works best. In the case of works of contemporary artists the choice was made with the artist, although at the moment no sculpture of the park has been conceived solely to be exhibited there.

The park is conceived as a living entity: as time passes and the seasons change the vegetation grows and it creates new areas of shade on a lawn that was once arid and bare ground before, it spreads seeds from which young trees and bushes sprout. But not all the plants share the same vital cycle. Some are seasonal, others, struck by atmospheric phenomena are replaced by others. Like them, the collection of sculptures grows and is in constant transformation introducing forms of new works and welcoming new artists.

But the park is also alive thanks to the many initiatives and events that the owners organize, promoting different forms of art (painting, photography, music, theater) and, in general, different aspects of culture. The Braida Park also collaborates with a wide range of institutions: administrations, museums, schools and university – and it intends to make its spaces increasingly accessible, involving both the local community and the visitors that come from beyond the region.

Events at the park