Sculptor, born in 1926 in Tarcento (Udine). He is specialized in the baking of ceramics, and his works are shown at the XXXI Biennale in Venice in 1962, where the “Grande porta di Hiroshima“ has him receive the Award of the Office of the industry and the Commerce for Ceramics. He works mainly in his region, in Emilia Romagna (Carpi and Modena) and has many personal exhibits in Tuscany (Gallery of International Art in Florence, Gallery Studio Artecasa in Pisa). From the mid-sixties onwards, he abandons ceramics to begin experimenting other materials and switches to the circular motif (carving Gongs, Disks, Shields and Metal Mandalas) and “vertical“, stems of monumental dimensions. Many are the exhibitions abroad, a long list of mentions in international reviews and a personal exhibit in Vienna and New York, Ottawa, Toronto.
He died in Udine in 1991.