Painter, born in 1909 in Tunis where he studied at the School of Art. Later on, he moves to Florence, where he is a student of Felice Carena. In the thirties he lives in Paris and ties close contacts with the post impressionism, cubism and fauves figures. He develops a unique style in which the figurative and abstract cohabit and rotate in alternation. In the postwar period he is on the scene of the New Front of Arts and subsequently with the Group of the Otto, developing a non-geometrical abstractionism featuring very bright vivid colors. In 1955. he is awarded with the first place award at the Quadriennale in Rome; he takes part to six editions of the Biennale Exhibition in Venice and numerous personal shows in prestigious Italian and galleries abroad: from the Millione in Rome to the Galerie Chalette in Paris. Some works of his are exhibited in the National Gallery of Modern Art in Rome and in the Museum of Modern Art in Paris and the MoMa in New York. He died in Rome in 2004.