Photographer, born in 1948 in Gorizia, where he still lives and works. From the seventies, he dedicates himself to photography in which he poetically expresses the continuity between the human, animal and vegetable kingdom, using the human figure as the connection, the denial of a glance along with constant exercise of irony, ambiguity and amazement. His approach is very personal and his pictures are the final seal of a complex and articulated creative path. From the year 2000 he walks through different artistic cycles: Riti del Corpo, αναχρονος (Anakronos), Mutazione Silente Mutabiles Nymphae, Segni di Pietra and the signs of metembiosis, Abissi e basse maree, l’Abbraccio del bosco, Morus Nigra, Fluxus, Zookylos.
Many are his personal and collective exhibits in a long list of European Capitals (Berlin, London, Paris, Madrid, Vienna, Brussels, Budapest, Ljubljana, Kiev) besides Istanbul, Moscow, and Shanghai along with many cities in the United States.