Sculptor, born in 1906 in Udine but he soon moves to Trieste. He studies at the School of Art “Alexander Volta“, with Alfonso Canciani and Sandro Atschko. His first personal exhibit is in 1925. From 1931 to the 1970s, he takes part to prestigious national exhibitions (ten reviews of the Quadriennale in Rome, four editions of the Trienniale in Milan, eleven of the Biennale Exhibition in Venice – where, in 1950, he wins the Award as the best of Italian sculpture). Many are the international exhibits , a wide range of collective (International Exhibitions of Budapest and Paris, Universal Exhibition in New York, Biennial of San Paolo, Biennial of Sculpture in Anvers) and a long list of personal exhibits (Munich, Tokyo, Paris, Saltsburg). During his career he also works as a theatre scenographer and many of his works of art are on transatlantic and cruise ships. His sculptures are exhibited in many museums and in the most important galleries worldwide, from the MoMa to the Bargello. He died in Padua in 1983.