Sculptress and painter of Jewish origins, born in Kovno in Lithuania probably around 1895. In 1905 she moves to London where she studies piano and graduates from the Royal Academy. In 1924 she starts working at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome where she meets her future companion Mario Mafai. The couple live together in the apartment of Via Cavour, a point of reference for the artists of the neo-expressionist movement of the “Scuola Romana“: Scipione, Renato Marino Mazzacurati and Corrado Cagli. At the beginning the 1930s she lives between Paris and London, she meets Epstein and starts focusing on sculpture. She returns to Italy and takes part to important exhibits: Barbaroux Gallery in 1947, Quadriennale in Rome in 1948 and to the Bienniale of Venice in 1948, in 1950, in 1952 and in 1954. In 1960, she receives her first monograph and the Olivetti Cultural Center dedicates an anthology to her. In the seventies, she starts molding her sculptures in chalk and paints large canvases with biblical themes. SHe died in Rome in 1975.